Himachal pradesh weather kangra

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himachal pradesh weather kangra

Kangra is a district in Himachal Pradesh with Dharamshala as the administrative headquarters. With might Beas River flowing through the Valley, Kangra is also known for the backdrop of Dhauladar range, ancient temples and endless tea plantations.

Kangra is a district which encompasses Dharamshala and McleodGanj within its boundaries. The beautiful tea plantations are located in Palampur and areas around which lies 36 km away from Kangra city.

himachal pradesh weather kangra

Jwala Devi temple, most famous of them all are known for its eternal flame, which is burning continuously for years without any known source of fuel. The temple has put the theories of science in question.

Masroor cut rock temple, which is a rock temple from the monolithic age and has been mentioned in the holy book of Mahabharat. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Packages Hotels Collections. Countries Singapore. Write For Us! Kangra Places to visit 1.

Kangra Fort 2. Baijnath Temple 3. Brajeshwari Temple 4. Kareri Lake 5. Indrahar Pass Trek 6. Kangra 3. Himachal Pradesh India. Works Offline. Share Anywhere. Places To Visit In Kangra.

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Kangra Fort. Baijnath Temple. Brajeshwari Temple. Kareri Lake. Indrahar Pass Trek. Dhauladhar Range. Travelled Anywhere Recently? Rate and review any destination and earn HF Cash once it is published. More on Kangra. Meditation Retreats of Kangra. Dharamshala and McleodGanj are the well-spoken gems of Kangra and as well as Himachal Pradesh which is famous for their meditation centres all around the world.

himachal pradesh weather kangra

The reflector of Buddhist culture, the hill town are famous Tibetan colonies, which have very well preserved the Tibetan culture.

Dharamshala is also the home of the Dalai Lama who runs his government in exile from Dharamshala.Kangra has a population of Local time in Kangra is IST. Mostly dry. Wind will be generally light.

Weather reports submitted by any ship SYNOP that is close to Kangra within an acceptable time window are also included. Read More.

See weather photos from Himachal PradeshIndia. Upload your own Kangra weather image: Upload. India Kangra. The Long-range 12 day forecast also includes detail for Kangra weather today. Live weather reports from Kangra weather stations and weather warnings that include risk of thunder, high UV index and forecast gales. See the links below the day Kangra weather forecast table for other cities and towns nearby along with weather conditions for local outdoor activities.

Scroll to left Kangra Weather Today 1—3 days. Kangra Weather Next Week 10—12 days. See all maps. Rain mm. Snow cm. Kangra Weather Today 1—3 days :. Kangra Weather 4—7 days :. Kangra Weather Next Week 10—12 days :. Weather Station Temp. Weather Wind Cloud. Share Like us Follow us. Kangra Weather Today 1—3 days Mostly dry. Kangra Weather 4—7 days Mostly dry. Kangra Weather Next Week 10—12 days Mostly dry.

Himachal Weather Update: प्रदेश में करवट बदलेगा मौसम, पांच जिलों में ओलावृष्टि का यलो अलर्ट

Tuesday Expected precipitation falling is 0. Today's weather is turning out to be sunny. The visibility is going to be around 10 km i. Tomorrow weather is forecasted to be sunny. It will be dry with no precipitation.

Weather charts displays the temperature, precipitation, pressure, wind speed and gust for next 14 days. Yearly and monhly climate averages graphs and data generated using data from onwards till now. Historical or past weather forecast page provides historical weather forecast from 1 st July, till now in 3 hourly interval.

Text weather page will allow you to get a weather text summary for next 14 days and weather chart page displays weather pattern like temperature, wind speed, gust, pressure, etc.

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Time in Kangra is Tue 26 th Jan pm. Outlook Hourly 3 hr Past Avg. Kangra Current weather report. Precip 0. Loading data Weather in Kangra, India Today's Today's weather is turning out to be sunny. Tomorrow Tomorrow weather is forecasted to be sunny. UV Index. Watch Weather Videos. Free Weather Widgets for Website. Buy Historical Weather. Book flights and hotels for Kangra In association with. View All Charts. View Full Yearly Averages.Kangra is the most populous [1] district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Dharamshala is the administrative headquarters of the district. Kangra is known for having the oldest serving Royal Dynasty in the world, the Katoch. Ghamand Chand was a brave and strong ruler who restored the prestige of Kangra.

As he was unable to capture Kangra forthe built another fort at Tira Sujanpur on the left bank of the Beas, almost opposite to Alampur on a hill overlooking the town. He died in and was succeeded by his son, Tegh Chand, who died too soon in Kangra District was part of the British province of Punjab.

The administrative headquarters of the district were initially at Kangra, but were moved to Dharamshala in According to the census Kangra district had population of 1, At the Census, District Highlights of Census [5].

The native people are the Kangri people and the native language is Kangriwhich is very similar to Dogri. There are also minority populations of Sikhs, Muslims, and Christians. Jhamakda is a folk dance of Kangra.

himachal pradesh weather kangra

It is exclusively performed by women. It features percussion instruments and songs. The elevation above the sea level of Kangra district is in the range of to 6, meters. In this district, river Beas flows through distance of Monsoon sets in the first week of July and continues till mid September. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Kangra is a city and a municipal council in Kangra district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Historically it was known as Nagarkot. The British archaeologist and historian Alexander Cunningham documented and brought to light the tradition and science of Kangra plastic operations. Although, modern plastic surgery uses the same techniques as the ancient techniques developed in South Indiafor north Indians Kangra's own unique methods were more popular and accessible.

The Katoch Rajas had a stronghold here, with a fort and lavish temples. Another ancient name of the city is Bhimagar [7] and it was supposedly founded by Raja Bhim, younger brother of Kuru Emperor Yudhishthira of Indraprastha now Delhi. The temple of Devi Vajreshwari was one of the oldest and wealthiest in northern India. It was destroyed, together with the fort and the town, by Kangra earthquake on 4 Aprilwhen lives were lost in this place alone, and about 20, elsewhere.

In the headquarters of the district were removed to the cantonment of Dharmsalawhich was established in It is said that Mahmud of Ghazni looted a fort in the region inbut whether the fort of Kangra was taken or not is not yet historically verified. There were hundreds of well-defended forts that lay between Ghazni and Nagarkot fort, and so it highly unlikely that his looting expedition ever reached Kangra. Also, this claim is negated by historians who have cited various sources to say that the fort was impregnable and remained unconquered until the conquest by Emperor Jehangir in The fort was recaptured by the Katoch Kings after Jehangir's death.

But, while the war between the Sikhs and Katochs was taking place, the gates of Kangra fort were left open. The Gurkha army entered the opened gates of Nagarkot fort in This forced an alliance between the battling Sikhs and Katochs, and both the armies re-captured the fort after a battle in The fort and city were then captured by the British in and remained occupied until India's independence.

It was part of the composite Punjab till November when it got transferred to Himachal Pradesh.

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The district of Kangra extends from the Jalandhar Doab far into the southern ranges of the Himalaya. It is a town at the confluence of the Bener River and Majhi River, and Beas is an important river here. Tea cultivation was introduced into Kangra valley about The Palampur fair, established by the government with a view to fostering commerce with central Asiaattracts a small concourse of Yarkandi merchants.

The Lahulis carry on an enterprising trade with Ladakh and countries beyond the frontier, by means of the pack sheep and goats. Ricetea, potatoesspiceswool and honey are the chief exports. The Kangra Fort is also a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the oldest forts of India as well as the oldest in Himachal Pradesh. Gopalpur Nature Park in Gopalpur village has tea gardens.

Gopalpur nature park is closed on Mondays. Mcleodganj near Dharamshala is the home-in-exile to the Dalai Lama. The cricket ground of Dharamshala is also an attraction because of its location and quality pitch. The India census [14] states that Kangra had a population of 9, As of [update] India census[14].

Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

It is connected by road with other cities in Himachal Pradesh and India. Kangra Fort legend of Mahabharta times. Himachal Pradesh Kangra Fort. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Download PDF It only takes five minutes to submit your application, and you can fund your account quickly and easily via credit card or bank transfer.

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Rainy Season in Kangra Valley (use headphone), kangra, Himachal Pradesh -- Himachal Darshan --

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Kangra Weather

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