Imperial fists primaris list

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Nearly two months since the Space Marines Codex v2. Was it worth the wait? Are half the rules in the book weirdly obsessed with Buildings, a thing which has never been seen in 8th edition?

How many times can a single boltgun hit an enemy model, anyway? All these questions and more will be answered in the following review. Imperial Fists Primaris Army. Credit: Jack Hunter. In addition to the faction rules laid out in Codex: Space Marines, Imperial Fists get some additional rules of their own. The Imperial Fists gained hugely from the codex. Successor Chapter Rules - Click to Expand.

This might seem to be needlessly complicating things, but there are actually some subtleties of who gets what in various soup scenarios. This is almost certainly what the rather more restrictive wording is intended to prevent, so good job, GW. Although, maybe you should have thought through that whole Crimson Fists thing a little more, huh? The Imperial Fists doctrine buffs Heavy weapons while the Devastator Doctrine is up, which is fitting for the sons of Dorn.

As things go, this is an uncomplicated buff. Imperial Fists Centurion Devastator Squad. Suppressors are suddenly rocking S7, AP-3, damage 3 against their main targets. It creates a weird tension in your decision-making, which is going to be a bit of a theme for this book.

The Imperial and Crimson Fists are somewhat unique among chapters receiving supplements as they both got specialist detachments in Vigilus Defiant. The specialist detachments can be unlocked by spending a single command point on a Specialist Detachment Stratagemand they apply to all the units with a specific set of keywords in a detachment, unlocking two stratagems, a relic, and a warlord trait.

The Siegebreaker Cohort is the big draw to stick with the Imperial Fists rather than playing their somewhat bluer successors. Crimson Fists Hellblasters, ready to liberate. Credit: Corrde. So far, so good.Today we take the next step up in Imperial Fist Tactics! Today I want to help you take your Imperial Fists to new levels with this Advanced guide! We will keep that in mind when expanding our army to points.

However, a small budget is much less of a concern having moved up to points but Forgeworld units are still not in use. The original list met the rule of 2 for 1, points games but that has gone to the rule of 3 at this higher point level. Crimson Fists and their tactics are featured in the second list. The original list:. Anyone of which can bear the free relic given to your army for having a Space Marine warlord.

So he gets added to the list.

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First, we need to add command points. To get to the other detachments we are missing at least one more unit in the following force organization slots.

An Elite for a vanguard detachment, a Fast Attack for an outrider detachment, and a Heavy Support for a Spearhead detachment.

imperial fists primaris list

A Battalion Detachment would require additional Headquarters and Troop units. However, with the 10 Infiltrators, you actually have the means to take a full battalion for 5 additional command points in your army.

Non Heavy weapons are good to have as your army must now leave the Devastator doctrine. A Chaplain was added for Recitation of Focus for the Plasma weapons.

The Suppressor Squads have the added bonus of stopping overwatch for when your Terminators want to get stuck in. The Imperial Fists Tactics here makes use of exploding 6s to hit. The Imperial Fist Chapter tactic allows for an unmodified 6 to count as 2 hits.

The Stratagem Bolter Drill does the same thing so that a 6 to hit would be 3 hits. Using the Grey Shield warlord trait Indomitus Crusade specialist detachments, once per game, you can gain the chapter tactic from Crimson fist. This will allow for that unmodified 6 to hit to count as 4 hits. You can skip the argument by just having the Inceptors on the table when you activate the warlord trait. Our new list:. Crimson Fist Tactics have changed since we first covered them here and have since become mostly Imperial Fists Tactics.

Losing ignore cover will hurt a bit. Eliminators using hyper frag rounds when shooting at 8 man units will benefit from this but ideally, those Eliminators are shooting at Characters where this bonus will have no effect.

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On the other hand, The Aggressors will appreciate this bonus twice over. Shooting into hordes and getting past that -1 to hit for the fists in melee.

He gets the boot while the rest of the original list stays. A Smash Chaplin could be made with the Crimson power fist that could be damage 4 with better strength and AP over the Benediction of Fury. That being said, you would lose out on the chance for mortal wounds.

You would just choose the chapter tactic in reverse. If you wanted to build to that, a larger squad size would make better use of Bolter Drill. Perhaps at the cost of the Centurion Devastators. The Fist of Terra Could be taken on the Sergeant instead of the Captain, if you wanted to keep that Captain back depending on any other Relic Combinations you wanted to pull off. Mastercrafted could be another option for the Captain or Sergeant Powerfist upgrade. Imagine the firing from the hip rifle in one hand and pistol in the other.

Using it on the Auto Bolt Rifles means that each member in the squad will be shooting 4 pistol shots. Melee Characters were added to benefit from the Crimson Fist chapter tactic.For us, it will not cease until all the worlds of Mankind are united once more and the Emperor's golden age returns. The Imperial Fists stand out from other Space Marine Chapters since they possess no fixed homeworld, although they are most frequently based on Terra. Instead, the Imperial Fists rely on their 10,year-old mobile space fortress, Phalanxto serve as their fortress-monastery.

They maintain recruitment-chapels on various worlds spread throughout the Imperium. Part of the Imperial Fists' duties during the Great Crusade were to function as the Emperor's "personal praetorians," accompanying Him everywhere. The Imperial Fists were usually used to strike a decisive blow against the enemies He confronted during that time.

The role of the Emperor's bodyguards since he was mortally wounded during the Horus Heresy and interred within the Golden Throne at the heart of the Imperial Palace on Terra has now been entirely taken over by the Adeptus Custodes. But the Emperor's ancient trust remains a potent honour for the Imperial Fists and their Successor Chapters in the present day. The Imperial Fists are the inheritors of the proud traditions of their Primarch Rogal Dornhis name venerated by countless trillions across the Imperium.

History does not clearly record the details of the world on which the infant Dorn was cast when the Primarchs were scattered to the corners of the galaxy.

What is known is that he presented himself to the Emperor as the Great Crusade reached the Ice Hives of Inwitoffering one of the mightiest space-going vessels ever constructed during the Dark Age of Technology as a sign of his fealty.

The Emperor welcomed His long-lost son into the ranks of the Primarchs and granted him primacy over the Imperial Fists Legion.

The Master of Mankind returned Dorn's vessel -- called Phalanx -- to the Primarch, and it became the base from which Dorn, and sometimes the Emperor Himself, commanded some of the most glorious campaigns of the Great Crusade. Dorn and his Legion proved the masters of every aspect of warfare, but in particular the Imperial Fists excelled at siege craft, whether on the attack or the defence. Fulgrim is said to have asked Dorn if a fortification of his design could withstand an assault by the Iron Warriors, and Dorn is said to have answered that it could.

Imperial Fist Tactics: Advanced Guide

Perturabo took the answer as a boastful sleight, and the seeds of a hatred that would only grow more bitter as the millennia passed were sown. Loyalty in time of betrayal was not easy to measure, for one cannot look at the face of an ally and know if he is truly a friend or an enemy. An Imperial Fists Primaris Marine. In this age of betrayal, one Legion stood as a pillar of loyalty amongst the sea of doubt.

The Imperial Fists and Rogal Dorn, ever true, never swerving from the toll demanded by a war of brothers, bore the weight of loyalty without breaking, but not without cost. Sacrifice without limit changed those who survived. As fate would have it, Dorn's prediction was put tragically to the test when, at the height of the Siege of Terrathe fortifications he had added to the Imperial Palace were sorely tested by the Traitor Legions.

Though the World Eaters are said to have forced a breach, by sheer bloody savagery rather than any genuine skill at the siegemaster's craft, the Warmaster Horus fell in combat to the Emperor before the matter could be truly decided. It was only when the Imperial Fists and the Iron Warriors confronted one another in the hateful battle known as the " Iron Cage " in the days immediately after the Heresy during the campaigns of the Great Scouring that both were able to give full vent to their rivalry.

Accounts of what took place within the Iron Cage differ, and to this day, both the Iron Warriors and the Imperial Fists claim to have come away from it the victor.

Though Rogal Dorn was lost to the Imperium subsequent to the war-torn age of the Horus Heresy, his legacy remains one of the strongest of all of the Primarchs. Between them, these three Chapters hold as many battle honours as dozens of later created Astartes formations, and their brethren have served with skill and distinction on countless thousands of battlefields across the galaxy. The Imperial Fists are one of the most valiant of all Chapters, held as paragons of the principles set down in the Codex Astartes and exemplars of everything to which a Space Marine is heir.

The Imperial Fists stand as the steadfast defenders of the Imperium and the Emperor's unwavering shield; for ten thousand standard years they have been the bulwark against which the armies of Traitors and aliens have shattered.

While Rogal Dorn is lost, Dorn's final moments were of courage and supreme sacrifice, and this example still drives the Imperial Fists onwards to fresh victories. Indeed, if the Imperial Fists have a fault, it is that they continue to strive when others would yield or withdraw. Such unquestioning steadfastness has rescued many a victory from the ashes of defeat, but only at a steep cost in lives.

If the Emperor was the father of the Legiones Astartesthen Terra was their mother. Just as the Emperor shaped His warriors with His will and intellect, so too did Terra leave her mark on the warriors raised from her soil.

These marks, or scars it might be more accurate to say, often shaped a Space Marine Legion's culture, values and methods of war in ways as subtle and deep as the mysteries woven into their flesh. To understand how many of the Legions became as they were, one must first understand Terra. Soaked in blood, ignorance and atrocity, Ancient Terra in the time before the rise of the Emperor was devoid of hope and existed in a state of darkness.

The only order was that of tyrants: fleeting and tainted by madness and petty ambition. The Emperor changed that -- first with His hosts forged from the techno-barbarian tribes who took up His banner, then with his army of gene-forged Thunder Warriorsthen with the creation of the Legiones Astartes.Forum Index. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore.

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Imperial Fists

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If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Just wondering Just wondering what people think and what they would change if it were to go competetive-ish but still stay pure primaris.

Split into a battalion and a vanguard detachment. Personally i cantt see inceptors being anything other than garbage unless ultramarine ones near girlyman I dont get the hate for the inceptors, as a deppstriking unit with a lot of S5 shots surely they can serve a purpose, even if its just getting rid of back line infantry and soaking up shots. Apparently the onslought cannon is the way to go for the redemptor, although if thats the loadout you like the look of then stick with it.

So my advice would be to build the army with units you like and then learn to play with it. Dont get me wrong, i like inceptors especially the plasma ones but they just dont seem to pull their weight The plasma inceptors just cost too much for random chance numbers.

Its more The devis are firing from turn 1 and cover a lot more of the field with their threat range and multiple targets. Having inceptors bounce down next to girlyman is nasty, but atm i only have them because the models aree cool First off, I am also a fan of Imperial Fists, so points for that!

I like your list as well, but like many others I'm not a fan of Inceptors either. Just too damn expensive.

imperial fists primaris list

As someone mentioned Dev Squads will provide a lot more firepower and wounds for the points, giving up just speed. Also you're Primaris only, so I'd go with 4 man squad of Agressors instead.

Being able to advance without even a firing penalty is nice, more shots, more wounds, slightly fewer points and makes up for the lack of Deepstrike and base movement. I'd actually take another Redemtor or Reiver squad if you don't like more Aggressors.The Imperial Fists are a First Founding chapter of Space Marinesdescended from Rogal Dorn and characterized by their mastery of siege warfare and their extreme, often suicidal stoic bravery.

They are the forefathers of the blue guys with red handsas well as the in-game Angry Marines. Sometimes they get together with their successors and have a sword fighting tournament. They aren't as angry as the Angry Marines close thoughbut they get the shit done. Unlike some people. Basically they're the true Vanilla Marines, albeit the most badass vanilla marines ever. Probably best represented on the table top by IA: 10's Siege Assault Vanguard listsince it includes most codex space marine options, plus additional siege-y stuff.

They're well known for their fixation on physical and spiritual endurance, reinforced and tested through extreme trials and the use of a gadget called the "pain glove" - which is apparently a bodysuit that activates every pain nerve in a marine's body while hindering their pain suppressing organs, basically making you feel like your body has been dipped in molten steel. Older fluff kinda played this up as masochism, but more recent fluff, especially the Horus Heresy books, have shown these pain seeking tendencies as being a mechanism of focus and preparation, the idea being that if a Marine is already exposing himself to much greater pain than he could be exposed to on the battlefield, there's no injury or obstacle that could threaten them, because they've already done worse to themselves.

They also use pain as a meditative and training aid, as Astartes biology is keyed to react to pain in useful ways, which can be helpful in training and mental preparation. They have a Germanic-Teutonic-Prussian-Crusader theme to their Legion and their chapter, and are badasses when it comes to swordfighting too.

They are known for being one of the Chapters who try to keep the Imperium together as the Emperor intended the most, and defend Imperial soil with tenacity and stoic contempt.

This harkens back to their Legion being one of the most Imperial in morals, and known as the "true Imperial Legion", beside the Blood Angels although only outwards - Things weren't as well internally and the Ultramarines.

They even recruit from Terra itself, making them to a degree Terra's marines and being known as the Defenders of Terra. Combining this with their standard reaction to pain "This sucks Just don't expect them to express much emotion, they tend to be as brutally honest and literal as the walls they build. They appear in the Ultramarines movieostensibly to teach aforementioned smurfs how to get the shit done, or probably steal the movie from the smurfs and make the Theater explode due to epicness and faithful Imperium subjects yelling as many literal one liners of 40k when they see the motherfucking Imperial Fists.

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Also, John Hurt plays an IF chaplain in said film. Normally we'd say this is fucking stupidbut the Fists die holding the line and fight to the last, both on-screen and off and at the very least, one of the Fists survives the movie, one of only two-ish characters to do AT ALL.

The Imperial Fists were masters of siege warfare and construction, like the Iron Warriors. This is perhaps best demonstrated in their methods of siege.

imperial fists primaris list

The Imperial Fists simply used whatever was best and shooty and blew a hole in the enemy defenses. Rinse, repeat. No grind. No PTSD.

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No stress.Finishing your own army is core to the Warhammer 40, hobby. I started my Imperial Fists early last year when I was getting a little burned out on painting Blood Angels. I was dissatisfied with my scheme, and wanting to give 30k Horus Heresy a try. As a bonus, nobody else locally was playing Imperial Fists, so my army would really stand out.

First, the Imperial Fists have a lot of terminator armor, which gets storm shields and access to teleporters. Second, they do a lot of close quarters fighting, particularly boarding actions.

With those two points in mind, I built my initial army of a few Cataphractii squads and a box Dread. Yellow turned out to be both exceptionally fun to paint, and also incredibly painful.

Over the rest of the year, I kept building off that initial force, trying to keep in mind my fluff of an elite force mostly designed around Zone Mortalis fights. I did end up having to put in some Tactical Marines, but I also expanded out with 4 more regular Dreads, some Centurions, and Leviathans.

Solid gold armor belongs on someone ostentatious like Sanguinius, not on Dorn.

Mortarion vs the Sons of Sanguinis! Nick Nanavati (Death Guard) vs Richard Siegler (Blood Angels)

I also wanted to rebase him to better match with my army, and give me the option of running him in 40k if I ever needed to. Over the last year my Imperial Fists army has moved from just being my 30k side project into my main army.

This is one of my favorite ways to work up a big collection. Running an army based around Dreads is great, as it means all my firepower is getting my Chapter Tactics. Ignoring cover turns out to be surprisingly good, as it denies my opponent the ability to use the Prepared Positions stratagem on turn 1 or to try to hide in cover against me. The army is easy to execute with, as there are no tricky stratagems to use or any movement shenanigans.

Just stand there with your bright yellow death ball and kill anything that comes close, while your Intercessors go out and capture objectives or screen off hostile melee attackers.

I did try one ITC event with my Centurion stack — it did not go well. I have another large ITC tournament coming up this weekend. My Primaris Ancient and Apothecary are another two of my newest Fist characters, both made with some tweaks rather than just the stock sculpts.

This old metal sergeant was one of my favorite models from the old sternguard box, and as soon as primaris sergeants were allowed to take power fists I knew I had to replicate him. This Praetor was the very first character I painted for this army. These two captains round out my collection of Primaris hit rerolls, and look cool doing it. These are the newest models in this army, and I think easily my best painted tanks. Pushing a lot of black into the scheme, especially on the second one, helps me avoid them being a big blob of yellow.

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